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Tips for Having Fun at the Beach

If it is vacation time and you have decided to go to the beach then that is a perfect idea. There is a lot to do at the beach. In fact, you can have several different activities running on different days without repeating any. What is important is that you enjoy your time and have fun. You are wrong if you think all you can do is swim and build sandcastles. Detailed below are some of the neat activities you can enjoy while at the beach.

Building a sand man
You can create a sandman at the beach just like you do with snow to make snow men during the winter. This is not just an activity for kids alone. Also adults can enjoy this neat activity and have fun competing with one another. You can accessorize your sand man with simple items that you can collect at the beach. Examples of these things include shells and seaweed.

Digging Holes
Digging holes is another fun activity, particularly for those kids that are younger. You ought to have this activity on your list especially if you want something to keep the children distracted. There are several different kinds of completions you can have at the beach. An excellent way to keep the kids happy is getting them to dig a hole or many of them. You can make the game even more interesting by hiding shells and seeing who can find them.
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Beach Tag
Another interesting game to try out is beach tag You can have the “it” person pretend to be a shark or a whale. Once you are tagged you can become “it,” or you could sit the rest of the game out until everyone else is tagged.
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Make Sand Castles
This is probably one of the most common games played at the beach. If there are several of you can build one big castle. Another option is to have a competition and see who does it best.

Compete in the Beach River Race
This a really interesting game especially if you go the beach in large numbers. The game requires that the players divide themselves into two teams. The next part involves building two sand trenches that flow into the water. The next step is to choose the right object that can be raced into the water. The minute you commence the game, every team needs to fill their trenches with water to form the river. This is followed by the objects that were selected being placed on the water so that they can float. The team that wins is the one whose object reaches the ocean first.