Graphic Design Means So Much More

I am in my late thirties, when I was in college, graphic design used to mean that you would design ads and other media for companies. Today, a graphic designer can work as a web developer and earn much more money than they did when I graduated from college almost twenty years ago. I knew that I wanted to help my daughter find her way through college majors as she was deciding what she wanted to study, and I knew she was artistic but did not know how she wanted to apply those skills. I told her that we should go and speak with a developer that would be able to show her what they do when they are working. I found a great shadow program that was going to let her watch a developer and sit and observe what happens in a typical day.

At first, she was really upset that I would go above her and schedule a day with someone else before checking with her. I asked her if she was any closer to declaring a major and she was not able to give me an answer. I was glad that she decided to go and take on the challenge that I put before her. She was not happy about the fact that I went behind her back to help her, but I believe that you should use networking and any connections you have to get ahead in life. She went in the day that I had scheduled for her and when she came out, she was so happy that she went in the first place. Many people were not able to do what she did at her age, but now she knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life and declared a major.